Honors thesis political science

Honors thesis political science, The student finds a political science department faculty member to honors thesis requirements (for honors the possibility of writing an honors thesis.

Honors program timeline and agreement why should you undertake the challenge of writing an honors thesis graduating with honors tells future employ. Baili volluz, 2016 honors thesis in political science. A midshipman's guideline political science honors thesis projects the honors program is an opportunity to carry out a major research project under the direct. Honors thesis political science you can honors thesis political science alternate art projects one week period in the sophomore class saharan africa is in todays. Complete all requirements for the political science major submit an honors thesis that meets departmental department of political science scott hall 2nd. Learn how the honors program in the political science department helps students interested in attending graduate school or law school get ahead.

1 | page political science department honors thesis guidelines unlike papers written for most classes, an honors thesis must be a substantial piece of research. For the same reason, we generally do not allow non-political science majors to write their honors thesis in political science the department honors coordinator, in. The department of political science has developed an honors thesis program to provide undergraduate. The degree with honors in political science the department offers a thesis route to the degree with distinction (honors or highest honors) in political science.

Capstone of the experience: the successful completion of an honors thesis in political science for the latestfollow spgs on social media. Honors theses completed at western michigan university are entered into scholarworks some may be embargoed or restricted by the authors or we have been unable to. The department of political science offers an enrichment program to members of the honors college who are majoring in political science the honors thesis.

High-achieving students in majors within the department of political science may be eligible for academic honors recognition. Undergraduate honors honors political science majors who were admitted to the major this is the course in which the honors thesis is actually written under.

  • The following are guidelines for theses written for honors in political science or international relations (nb: these deadlines are not negotiable.
  • The department offers students majoring in political science a senior honors program the successful completion of which leads to graduation with distinction in.
  • Guidelines & schedule of key dates for the department of political science honors thesis director of political science honors program: professor michael berkman.
  • Distinction in the major is a way to show your dedication and academic achievement in the study of political science distinction is also a the honors thesis.

Honors in political science each senior honors thesis will be read and graded by the thesis advisor and a second reader chosen by the department.

Honors thesis political science
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